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New Community Edition releases are made approximately every 6 months and merge fixes and improvements made to the Subscription Edition.

Subscription Edition

If you'd like to support future development of Observium and get faster access to updates, bug fixes and new features as well as exclusive features such as traffic billing/accounting, please try the Subscription Edition

Link to download MD5 Version Released
0.14.4p1 ec77e72d006a615550f18d6ef96791e6 0.14.4p1 (rev. 5229) 6th April 2014
0.14.4 a66c7204c027db1604802b72fbe00fba 0.14.4 (rev. 5185) 1th April 2014
0.13.10 e7a0d786d4aa63c37baf98a1e9be1662 0.13.10 (rev. 4585) 4th November 2013

Install or Upgrade

For installation and upgrading instructions please see Installation or Upgrading.