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Default Description Parser

Observium will recognise the usage of ports as customer ports, transit, etc for display purposes using a standard interface description format:

The text before the colon defines the type of service, recognised types are :

  • Cust - Customer
  • Transit - Transit link
  • Peering - Peering link
  • Core - Infrastructure link (non-customer)
  • Server - Server link (non-customer)

Additional information can be added using different bracket types:

  • () contains a note
  • {} contains *your* circuit id
  • [] contains the service type or speed
Cust: Example Customer [10Mbit] (T1 Telco Y CCID129031) {EXAMP0001}
Transit: Example Provider (AS65000)
Core: core.router01 FastEthernet0/0 (Telco X CCID023141)
Peering: Peering Exchange

Custom Parsers